About Us

Aqua Alpha started as a water well drilling company in 1983. Since then the company developed new skills to improve its service offering to its clients. Here are the key milestone dates:

  • 1983; water well drilling with air percussion techniques
  • 1989; water well drilling in sandy soils with mud rotary drilling
  • 1995; blast hole drilling in coal and platinum reserves
  • 2007; appointed by Sasol to design and drill underground coal gasification wells
  • 2008; appointed by BHPBilliton to drill mine service and water quality monitoring wells
  • 2009; appointed by WildHorse Energy for the design and construction of UCG wells in Europe
  • 2011; appointed by Seamwell International for the design and construction of UCG wells in China
  • 2011; appointed by Anglo American for directional drilling exploration of their South African coal mines
  • 2013; appointed by African Cabon Energy for the design and construction of a range of UCG wells for their Theunissen UCG project in South Africa
  • 2013; appointed by Exxaro Coal for the horizontal exploration of one of their South African coal mines with directional drilling techniques


Directional Drilling Rig
Hungary UCG Project
China UCG Project
HDPE Casing Installation
BHPBilliton ODEX Drilling
Platinum Blasthole Drilling
Large Diameter Drilling Rig
Achievements of the team members

  • Adapted oil industry directional drilling technology for use in coal exploration 
  • Developed specialized drilling rigs for coal exploration with directional drilling

  • Awarded by the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering

  • Involved in the drilling of more than 500 000 metres of directional wells in coal seams

  • Achieved several world firsts in directional drilling:

    • 2 164 metre long horizontal well drilled inside a coal seam from surface


    • 1 529 metre long horizontal well drilled inside a coal seam from underground


    •    893 metre long horizontal well drilled in diamond bearing kimberlite from underground

  • Designed four different injection point retraction (CRIP) systems for underground coal gasification

  • Improved core recovery of sandy and highly tectonized strata from less than 50% to more than 95%