Key Personnel

Conrad Kahts - CEO and Managing Director

Conrad is a graduated Mechanical Engineer from the University of Pretoria. He also holds an MBA from the University of Stellenbosch.
His career started as a Section Engineer at the mining division of SASOL. He later became a Senior Project Engineer where he developed mining equipment and managed mine infrastructure projects. His largest project was the management of the design and construction of the infrastructure of two brand new coal mines. He later adapted oilfield directional drilling technology for coal exploration purposes. He also developed specialized drilling rigs for directional drilling in coal seams. He subsequently managed a newly created directional drilling section for SASOL for a period of seven years. The fleet of drilling rigs grew to four and several new directional drilling records were broken. To date a total of approximately a million metres were drilled directionally in coal seams for exploration purposes by SASOL.

Conrad was appointed as CEO and Managing Director of Aqua Alpha in 2008.

George Magheru - Drilling Manager, Design Engineer and Directional Drilling Specialist

George holds a Masters Degree in Drilling and Reservoir Engineering.
He started his career in the Romanian and Saudi Arabian oil industry and in 1995 joined Aqua Alpha as a Well Designer and Drilling Manager. He did several smaller drilling projects in South and Southern Africa and later became involved with the SASOL directional drilling project. Between 2007 and 2011 he did the well designs for two South African, one Hungarian and one Chinese UCG project.

Steven Blignault, Paul Visscher, Jason Gow  - Site Managers and Directional Drilling Specialists

Steven, Paul and Jason each have at least twenty years of practical experience in the drilling and mining industries. In addition to the managing of drilling operations for different clients they are also responsible for the development of new talent.

Rudie Visscher, Gerhard Oosthuizen, Barend Aucamp, Justin Mickleburgh, Dolf van Niekerk - Drilling Rig Operators and Directional Drilling Specialists

Rudie, Gerhard, Barend, Justin and Dolf are all working at different mines as directional drilling operators. Each one has more than ten years practical experience in mining and directional drilling.